Assistant Staff Applications

coming in January 2024

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Faculty Offers to be extended in January 2024

Past Instructors

SAFD Fight Master
Michael Chin (he/him)
SAFD Certified Teacher
Michael Hood (he/him)
SAFD Certified Teacher
Kevin Inouye (he/him)
SAFD Fight Director/Certified Teacher Emeritus
Michael Jerome Johnson (he/him)
SAFD Certified Teacher
Paul Ray (he/him)
SAFD Fight Director/Certified Teacher
Darrell Rushton (he/him)
SAFD Certified Teacher
Mike Speck (he/him)

2024 Workshop Coordination Team

Brent Schultz (he/him)
SAFD Advanced Actor/Combatant

Site Coordinator

Staff Emeritus

Michael Hood (he/him)
SAFD Certified Teacher Emeritus
Founding Workshop On-Site Coordinator

Michael Hood helped to found the Allegheny Alley Fight in our first year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, then helped to relocate the workshop into the Pittsburgh area for 2016-2019.  The workshop owes its start to his continued work and dedication, and we wish him the best in retirement!